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Cobras:  Our uniquely patterned ‘snakeskin’ sticks, black on gray.  This is a material tough enough to be used for ball bearings in heavy industrial equipment!  A bit heavier than the Panther II, extremely rigid.  Absolutely the most resistant to nicks or gouges (though this doesn’t mean it is unbreakable).  For example, hitting concrete is extremely abrasive and will damage a stick (just like if you hit it with your car).  Sometimes these have a slightly grainy texture, other times they are smooth.  About 11.5 grams/inch.

Available lengths:  21”, 24”, 26”


Cobra+: 14.5 grams/inch, generally only requested for staffs.

 Available in 36”, 48”, 54”


Sometimes I get requests for bo staffs, and Cobra material, or a related plain black one in a thicker ‘++’ size (very heavy), are the only real options that will work in plastic.  Wood is still best for very long lengths because the grain adds strength over distance.


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Kalinga headhunter’s axe