“Fishtail” kris, 24” length.  The blade and guard are scaled from a 27”

antique which is missing the original handle.  Being visible even when

sheathed, the handles often denoted status or wealth, and so were often

elaborately made with precious metals and stones.  Over the years these

have been taken by treasure hunters, who would leave the less valuable

blades behind.  Thus most antique blades will have cheap replacements

with poor alignment.  My blades are well balanced.



Kalis Seka - $100


Note the rich color, clean angles and woodgrain pattern in the material.



These are often assumed to be wood, even after being told they are not!



Two krisses from the same template.  Lower one was cut thinner and lighter,

more like an Indonesian kris than a Filipino one.  Note the superb grain

captured in this photo of the lighter sword, brought out by multiple buffing wheels.