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The Panther II is our most popular stick, similar to thick, heavy rattan in weight (approximately 10.5 grams/inch) but in a more compact size suited to most hands.   These have excellent shock absorbtion qualities and excel in training drills for hard stick-to-stick contact.  They are most similar to natural wood in that they can get nicked or gouged if they strike hard sharp-edged objects like steel knives or edged sais.  Other sticks may be better suited for this kind of contact, but for stick work, these are hard to beat!  For $1 more these can get a woodgrain finish to look and feel more like natural wood.

Available lengths:  21”, 24”, 26”, 28”, 31”, 36”   



Panther II+ :  13 grams/inch (about double the HITS).    These are great for two handed work or those with large hands and strong wrists.  They make excellent jo staffs and hanbos, very popular for Aikido and Jiu Jitsu.

Available lengths:  21”, 24”, 26”, 28”, 36”, 48”, 54”




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Panthers:  Our original black stick, often mistaken for hardwood.  These look identical to the Panther II but are 25% heavier.  The Panther II was developed because these were so heavy, which is why the later model is better for most people and applications.  I make very few of these now, but they are still have a place.  Panthers work best as very short ‘knucklebusters’ or as a staff.  This is also the material used for the Commando knife because of its heavy weight, durability and its ability to take a nice finish.  About 14 grams/inch.

Available lengths:  18”, 36”


Panther +:  18 grams/inch.  For those who insist on training with very heavy weight.

Available in 18”, 36”, 48”, 54”


You can see the difference here between the 7/8” and 1”  Panther family of sticks.  Going up 1/8” can easily be felt.  Not only is the stick 14% thicker, but the increase of mass is on the circumference,  increasing weight by +20%!