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STICKMAN has been making quality rattan sticks and staffs since 1986.  Using manau rattan, a high quality grade prized by furniture manufacturers for its density, our ‘rats’ are sanded at the joints, then torched, baked, boned and buffed to make them as light and hard as possible.  If you blow into one end of our sticks, you can feel the breath at the other (the trick is not to dry it out TOO much!)  Our unique “leopard spot” pattern (well, almost unique, since I’ve seen it copied by other makers) gives an attractive camoflaged appearance to these sticks.  My sticks are time consuming to make, and supplies may be limited.  Please specify if you prefer thin or thick rattan (general range is 7/8” to 1-1/8”) and I will try to match supplies to your order. 


For years now, good rattan has become harder and harder to find, hence the development of modern alternatives.  Rattan might be cheap and plentiful in the jungles of southeast Asia, but our jungle is a modern industrial society.  In the Philippines, everything gets used.  It has been traditional for time immemorial to take advantage of anything that washes up on the beach.  In that sense, adapting to modern materials is in the spirit of the Filipino culture.  Also, rattan has a 100% failure rate.  Even rattan breaks down rattan as it gets used.  Any of our synthetic sticks will outlast a rattan one by years, no matter how the rattan is prepared. 


Here is a link to a popular article I wrote around 1996 on heat treating rattan sticks.


Available lengths:  21”, 24”, 26”, 28”, 31”, 36” 48”, 54”, 60”, 72”



For those who are more interested in simply sourcing plain rattan, we can provide less expensive sticks that are just cut and sanded.  These are made from the same material, but without the labor intensive heat processing.  Available in the same lengths as above, from 21” – 31”.