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U.S. shipping is sent U.S Postal Priority Mail, insured, unless other arrangements are required. Shipping and handling costs must be included with all orders for them to be completed. Please include contact information, such as a phone number or email, in addition to the shipping address, in case there is a need for us to contact you with any questions about an order. Also, please make sure your information is typed or written clearly so that it can be read without guessing as to what it really says!  Average shipping time is 4-6 weeks. 


STICKMAN is still a small hand-tooled specialty maker of quality goods, so please be patient. All orders do get filled, and in the end you should have products that will last for years.

Mail address is:

Jeff Finder

P.O.Box 21716

El Sobrante, Ca. 94820-1716


email (use either stickman@stickman-escrima.com or orders@stickman-escrima.com)


With the increase in fuel costs the past couple of years, shipping has gone up, affecting the costs of just about all goods. Calculating costs has become a problem for everyone, from big companies down to small businesses like mine.  I try to keep the cost as close to what I pay to ship goods; these are my best estimates at this time, taking into account my shipping materials.

U.S. shipping may be calculated as follows: $10 for the first pair of sticks, then add

*$.50 per stick for additional 7/8” sticks, HITS or flutes –

*For solid 1” sticks add $.50 per stick for the first 2 pair, $.75/stick for additional ones

*Staffs are the basic rate, plus $2 per staff.  The postal service now has a hefty balloon charge for oversize packages, which includes anything over 72” long, so you might want to consider trimming long staffs to save that fee.


Large orders need to be calculated more specifically, as variations in materials and extra packing can affect the weight.

Books are $3 per book (domestic)

For more information on domestic and international shipping, you can check the U.S. Postal shipping calculator at http://ircalc.usps.gov/ , or if you let me know what you're order is going to be, I can do this for you.

International shipping:

Some rough calculations:

Canadian shipping: multiply U.S. calculations by 2.25

Trans-oceanic shipping runs approximately 3x the cost of U.S shipping for sea, about 4x for air.

These figures are subject to postal and customs regulations that vary from country to country. We have shipped overseas to countries such as Argentina, Australia, England, Finland, the Philippines and Singapore.

Again, I'm happy to go to the USPS website to do the shipping calculation for you.


Orders may be placed by check or money order, payable to Jeff Finder.

Paypal can be used for escrima training equipment, flutes and walking sticks. It cannot be used for live blades or any projectile/throwing gear.

California residents must include sales tax, which may be calculated by the local rate where the goods are being sent. Otherwise, the rate here in Contra Costa county is 8.25%.



Discounts based on volume are as follows: 10% for 12 sticks, 20% for 18 sticks, 30% for 24 sticks. This is the maximum discount we can do. This is based on the individual stick price. Please do NOT calculate volume discounts using the per-pair price!  That is a mini-discount for those only getting a pair of sticks. Volume discounts are a better price, but are not based on double-discounting the sticks.

Also, these discounts only apply to the basic sticks. Flutes, training knives and swords are highly machined and are much more time/labor intensive. Consequently I cannot offer discounts on those items. The synthetic tabaks are also machined, but I do offer a per-pair discount on those.


Any material can be forced to failure.  Therefore goods are sold “as is”, with no warranties implied or otherwise.  Any exchanges or returns will be considered on an individual basis only.

ALWAYS use caution and common sense when training with weapons.  STICKMAN Escrima sticks and blades should never be considered toys Even the lightest sticks can cause serious injury or death. STICKMAN takes no responsibility for the manner in which its products are used.