Tabaks are palm sticks. In Japanese or Okinawan arts they are called yawara sticks. I make several variations.


These are machined with grooves and knurling from 1inch diameter Panther II material and are 6 inches in length (or slightly over).


These are $12 each.



I can also do these in thinner 7/8 also using Panther II material.


For those looking for a budget item, or to supply in quantity for a school or seminar, I can also do plain tabaks (no grooves or knurling) for $4 each in any of my 1 synthetic materials, or $3.50 using 7/8 diameter.




REBAR Tabaks!



Many years ago I had a student who worked in construction, and he would make these really cool rebar key chains for everyone out of rebar. Recently I upgraded to a stronger and more accurate drill press and began making these myself. These are thinner and heavier than the standard plastic kubotans, presenting a solid feel in the grip.


Average length 5-1/2 inches.

Average weight 4.7 ounces (132 grams - 24 grams/inch!)



Polishing smoothes out the ridges so they comfortably fit the hand, and if you carry and handle them regularly, the oil from you hand will most likely keep them rust-free. Here two are linked together with key rings like a mini-chuck.









Three linked by a center ring can be used to simulate balisong practice, throw like a bolo or feel like a fat-handled mini-chuck.







       Laws vary widely concerning possession or carry of pocket sticks, tabaks, yawaras, etc.

       The same applies to nunchaku or similar weighted objects.


Users are responsible for knowing and complying with local laws. Be smart!