In the Philippines, the color red signifies a level of mastery.  In the old days, it was a challenge, that one was ready to fight “for real”.  Following in that tradition, these sticks are not for just anyone, but for teachers or others who have gained experience in the arts and want to stand out from the others.  This is a rare plastic and does cost a lot more, but then the ability to use these skillfully does not come cheap either ….



These are both 18” sticks.  The top one is 1” diameter, with a sanded grip (optional) on the right.

The lower stick is 3/4 ” diameter (thinner than my others) with a HITS handle on the right.

This handle was set with a screw to hold it, and is removable. 


Because of the available diameters of this material, I do not recommend these longer than 24”.

The thinner sticks are a bit flexible, while the thicker ones weigh about like the Shadow+. 

My suggestion would be an 18-21” stick in either material.  The 1” can also be used for a short staff.


Pricing:  up to 24” long (contact me if you are interested in a longer length)

                   3/4 “ Masters - $30

                   1” Masters - $40


Staffs:        1” x 36” - $60

                   1” x 48” - $75




Pretty close to actual diameter