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Training knives





Left to right: 1) Aluminum Clip-Point with solid grips;

2 & 3) Aluminum Clip-Points with cord wrap

4) Aluminum Commando with cord wrap

5) Delrin Commando with cord wrap

6) Aluminum Commando, satin polished grip

7) Delrin Commando, faux grain sanded grip

8) Aluminum Commando with cord wrap

9) Aluminum Hunter with solid grips

10 & 11) Aluminum Hunters with cord wrap



The Delrin Commando is my finest knife for Espada y Daga training, featuring 12 length, double edged, with ergonomic grip and strong functional cross guards capable of blocking sticks. These are well balanced enough that people have used them for target throwing practice (they are sharp off the cnc machine; unless otherwise requested, I dull them for safety in standard martial art training). CNC carved from a thick billet of solid material, these are much more durable than wooden knives, but less damaging to sticks than aluminum or steel. After several years of searching, I finally found a shop to do a new production run in the summer of 2005!

$50 plain grip (recommended); $60 cord wrapped



Aluminum Trainers


All aluminum knives have the Stickman name and logo engraved on the blade


The Aluminum Commando is similar to the Delrin in length (12) and width but half the thickness, so cord wrap or solid grip scales are recommended. These are much duller edged than the Delrin (better for some drills) and not as well balanced without extra thickness added to the grips with wrapping or glued scales.

$50 cord wrapped or plastic scales (recommended); $40 plain grip


The Clip-Point is a well-balanced 9-1/2 long knive, designed to match the size of larger folding knives commonly carried on the street. These are excellent for drilling empty hand self-defense against the blade.

$35 plain $45 cord wrapped or plastic scales


The Hunter is based on a custom Damascus knive I found years ago, and is also 9-1/2 long. Like the other aluminum knives, these feel better with wraps or scales for enhanced grip thickness and better balance.

$35 plain $45 cord wrapped or plastic scales


Shipping Check for cost when ordering. Knives are small but heavy for their size.