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Shakuhachi flutes are made from the same material as our High Impact Training Sticks (HITS).  The concept of a fighting flute goes back to the old Buddhist monks, who were prohibited by their beliefs from carrying edged weapons.  As a result, they carried innocuous looking ordinary objects that could be used for self-defense.  Their flutes were useful for developing breath control and were valued for the meditative quality of sound produced. 

These flutes are easy to play (for basic instructions on how to play one of these flutes, go here.)  Each is individually made and is tested and tuned to produce a smooth tone throughout its range.  As musical instruments, flutes can go virtually anywhere without drawing attention, yet in the hands of a trained martial artist they can become extremely effective weapons. 

Clear flute

Finger holes of a 28 flute, held by the far end.  The lowest hole is a tuning hole on the underside.  The thumb hole, also underneath, can be seen through the flute just below the finger hole at the very top.

  Frosted flute    

  21" flute with frosted finish.
  The mouthpiece is on the right.

Shakuhachi Flutes
$6 option for frosted finish
on the flutes.




*All flutes tuned to D; the longer ones have a tuning hole to compensate for the extra length.

Black shakuhachi
The newest member of the shakuhachi family and my new favorite- black polycarbonate, a special order item.  
These sound as good as they look!  Include a note to specify these when using Paypal to order.

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Shakuhachi mouthpiece


       The utaguchi,
shakuhachi's mouthpiece 
                     sends the soul aloft 



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Flutes are not recommended for heavy contact training, as the finger holes create structural weaknesses that may break under extreme duress.  However, these flutes have been known to take severe abuse against sticks and other hard objects, and breakage is unlikely to occur if used against an assailant during a self-defense situation. 

Here's testimonial from a London Arnis instructor about an actual street encounter.

I recommend getting a matching sized HITS to go with your flute, so that you can train hard with that while preserving the flute to enjoy and carry with you.

Breaking flute

  A rare photo of a rare moment - 
  the broken end of a flute flying in 
  mid-air during a heavy sinawalli drill.