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Models of Sticks, Staffs and Training Knives


All STICKMAN synthetic products have been tested and used by Stickman and his escrima students extensively since 1990, representing thousands of hours of hi-impact testing of these sticks and knives.  I don’t sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves!  Here is some information to help you choose your stick.


HITS:  My original stick, the “High Impact Training Stick”.  They’re fast and they last! 


Panther II:  Black, for that classic look.  My most popular stick.


Cobras:  My uniquely patterned ‘snakeskin’ sticks, black on gray. 


Shadows:  One of my most beautiful materials


Panthers: My original heavyweight black stick.


Rattan:  The classic Filipino stick.


Shakuhachi flutes: Made from HITS, a stick that makes music!


The Masters: Red, the traditional color of combative challenge ….


Books:  Currently I am selling copies below retail of the anthology in which I was published in 1999 (Martial Arts Are Not Just For Kicking Butt, North Atlantic Press), which also includes great articles by other martial arts writers.


Knives: Folders, exotics and balisongs; low-cost, good quality.  Selection varies as stock changes.  


I now carry a variety of my own training knives.  There are three aluminum ones, two small (approximately the size of an open Buck knife) and one larger (about the size of a Gerber Mk II).  I now (finally!) also have my large high-impact plastic trainer again!  This is a very cool knife with exceptional balance (my students love this one!) and being plastic, can be used in stick training without damaging sticks the way metal trainers do, and in 15 years of use, we have yet to break one of these ˝” thick pieces.  Any of these can have cord wrap added to the  handles (particularly nice on the aluminum).


Palm sticks: tabaks, yawara sticks etc.  My standard design uses 1” Panther II material and has finger grooves carved on a lathe.  This is feels great in the hand!  7/8” and other materials can be used too.


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·       DISCLAIMER:  Martial arts training is potentially dangerous!  Sticks and staffs can travel faster than the empty hand and are much harder!  STICKMAN® is not responsible for any injuries that may occur do to use of these products.  The user assumes all risks and assumes responsibility in using these products.  One should train under qualified instruction and be personally alert at all times when engaging in martial arts activities.